Agricultural Research

Research is a sector which has multiple stakes and challenges for the farmers’ organizations. What must be their positioning in the process if we want the research to benefit the small producers? Through their organizations, what sorts of partnerships have the small producers to establish with other actors of research who are the research centres, the State institutions, financial partners, etc….How to integrate the real needs of farmers at grass-roots level into the research objectives? What must be the role of those organizations in the dissemination of research results? How to proceed to a capitalization on innovative experiences? By which means could we capitalize on farmer’s endogenous knowledge that proved to be effective? How to guide research towards the concerns expressed in the PAFO vision, for a dynamic, prosperous and sustainable agriculture that ensures food security and sovereignty, cultural and social development of Africa .Through a series of documents, you will find the stances, proposals and responses that PAFO have issued regarding those questions. This production and co-production will be completed as work progresses.

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Other authors have dealt with the topic of Family Farming by addressing issues that cover the interest of African Farmers’ organizations. Please find enclosed the production that you are kindly requested to enrich with your proposals and comments.

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To go deeper into Family Farming, we suggest you other documents more generalized with analytical, pedagogical and general vocation about the theme of Family Farming.

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