As: Agriculture is critical for the economic growth of Africa and

That agriculture is a key source of income, employment and livelihoods for most Africans and

That the demand for food, fiber and renewable energy from agriculture is bound to increase domestically due to an expanding global population and

That Climate change poses unprecedented challenges to agriculture especially for farmers in the African continent and

That Farmers’ Organizations are well developed and play a leading role in the transformation of agriculture in Africa;

That luck of access to finance in agriculture remains on important obstacle to the development of the sector

That international and national retail and agribusiness is rapidly expanding across the continent

That the role of women in agriculture in Africa is recognized, appreciated and stands at the core of development in the sector,

That agriculture in Africa should be well positioned to tap into the vast opportunities offered by digital, mobile and web based technology and internet systems

That private sector has become a key player in African agriculture and much of the success of farmers’ organizations will depend on the synergies created with it and

That there seem to be different schools of thoughts as regards the importance of small scale agriculture in African agriculture and

That PAFO has played an important role with very limited means




We, the leaders of FOs in West, East, Central and Southern Africa resolve that:

  1. We jointly need to capture the upscale of agriculture on the continent through timely and reliable data for planning, coordination, marketing, logistical and financing


  1. FOs should be capacitated to become knowledge drivers and knowledge brokers in the agriculture sector


  1. FOs should be strengthened to render economic services to their members to add value to the profitability and sustainability of their members and to attract more members, especially the youth and women into our ranks


  1. More funding from the public and private sectors should be sought and FOs should develop new alliances and partnerships to attract capital


  1. Agricultural Advisory Services should be improved and FOs should play an active role in the provision of advisory services to their members


  1. Famers’ Organizations should be strengthened from grassroots to PAFO levels and  calling for the continued support by CTA and other partners in strengthening African farmers’ organizations through organizing these forums and other mechanisms.


  1. PAFO will continue seeking technical, financial and facilitation support from CTA to conduct these briefings. As is the case with the current session, they provide greater opportunity for learning, sharing and networking among farmers and/with other stakeholders.


  1. CTA should assist in systematically and regularly communicating the achievements and successes by Farmers’ Organizations to other stakeholders. Challenges faced by FOs in providing services to their members should also be communicated to stakeholders.


  1. CTA to work with PAFO to help others appreciate and understand the important role of small scale farmers in food security in Africa. Success stories especially on how collective actions of farmers can go a long way in improving food security in Africa should be documented and shared. CTA should provide appropriate forums for small scale farmers to share their successes.


  1. With assistance from CTA PAFO should devise ways of sharing successes by small scale farmers in transformation of farming


  1. Noting that women in the farmers’ organizations are already playing a major role in the leadership of farmers’ organizations and it is important to capitalize their contribution and that of rural women they represent


  1. Financing of the agricultural sector and especially small scale farmers is a big challenge; thus need for CTA to continue organizing forums that will assist farmers to link with existing and successful farming models


  1. For small scale farmers to commercialize, it is important that they have a good understanding of value chains. CTA is requested to continue supporting processes and forums that enhance better understanding of value chain by farmers and even help organize business forums to facilitate interaction of farmers and the private sector. This will facilitate better understanding of what exists and even business deals


  1. Exchange visits and exhibitions are important learning and sharing forums and CTA should support such initiatives


  1. FOs should ensure that they participate in business fairs and enhance business clusters important to farmers


  1. FOs should launch meetings with banking institutions targeting agricultural banks and agribusiness


  1. AFRACA to link up farmers with financial institutions and map needs of Regional Farmers’ Organizations


  1. FOs to link with ADB in emerging lines for support to farmers


  1. Africa Union should bring increased support to the only pan African network of farmers and include PAFO in the continental policy processes


  1. FOs increased presence in key international, continental and regional for a through exhibition and stands


  1. Share lessons and best practices through publications and online platforms


  1. FOs should increase the collaboration with the agriculture universities


  1. 23.     Training programmes for farmers on financing with AFRACA, extension with AFAAS and ICT/Communication with CTA should be organized


  1. 24.     Developing specific extension programmes for women farmers in collaboration with AFAAS should be prioritized by PAFO and RFOs        


Considering that 2014 is declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Family Farming and by African Union as Africa Year of Agriculture and Food Security we seek to

  1. Compile a series of fact sheet for each region and for the continent could be prepared as to demonstrate the value of agriculture and needed support to policy makers and donors
  2. Capture data alongside key commodities could be produced to facilitate loans and discussions with financial partners
  3. Organize a high level event in the context of Heads of State Summit and 4th EU-Africa Summit in Brussels on 2-3rd April 2014 to share these findings and increase feasibility