Family Farming

In the African continent, in the context of a very accelerated population growth characterized by an unprecedented human development, will Family Farming be able to provide the goods and services expected from her in the area of food security, employment or sustainable management of the environment? At the time when the United Nations declare the year 2014 the one of Family Farming , it is to consider what must be achieved to consolidate Family Farms so that they can, according to PAFO vision ,make it possible to preserve the economic and social values, to maintain the social/family link between its members. Contrarily to the other types of farms , Family Farming ,relieved of the archaic assumptions that has been attached to her for long, must in priority be not only oriented towards the production of food supply to feed the populations but it must also be a sustainable one while having improved yields.
Through a series of documents, you will find the stances, proposals and responses that PAFO and its members have given to those questions. This production and co-production on the theme of Family Farming will be completed as work progresses.

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