Products from PAFO and its members

Organic World Congress: Future of Family Farming

October 14,2014

The written inputs from panellists at the Organic World Congress, including PROPAC, explain the centrality of smallholder family farmers.


The future of Family Farming in a changing Agri Landscape

October 14, 2014

This PROPAC presentation outlines the future of family farming among changing infrastructures in the agricultural sector and the need for promotion of smallholders in the chain of production, processing and creating markets.


FO demands for 2014 Year of Family Farming

January 22, 2014

UMAGRI is one of the signatories of this declaration, which sets out the demands of family farming organisation of the International Year of Family Farming.


PROPAC: The role of women in Family Farming

December 10-12, 2013

The First PROPAC Forum of African Rural Women discussed ‘The place and role of African rural women in family farming’ and brought together rural women of regional farmers organisations across the African continent.


Family farmers for sustainable food systems in Africa

May 2013

This joint PROPAC, ROPPA, EAFF publication, ‘Family farmers for sustainable food systems’ is a synthesis of reports by African farmers’ regional networks on models of food production, consumption and markets.


Family Farming Strengthened through Ag Investments

May 4-5, 2011

This joint PROPAC, ROPPA, EAFF report underlines the importance of ensuring the international support given to family farmers is both what the farmer wants and what is beneficial for sustainable food systems.


Agro ecology – the future of family farms

Ibrahima Coulibaly, President of CNOP and Vice-President of ROPPA wrote the introduction to this guide underling the importance of womens’ contribution to agriculture.


  • Global Alliance against Hunger :family farms can feed and enrich West Africa.

It is the speech of the former president of ROPPA ,Mr Ndiogou Fall during the assembly of the Global Alliance against Hunger

  • Ndiogou Fall ,leader of the West African organisations of farmers and producers ’ network: protection of African Family Farming

Interview of Mr Ndiogou Fall published in the Journal de l’Economie (Senegal) .It is about the role that Family Farms must play in the reduction of the global agricultural gap.Mr Ndiogou Fall is the former president of ROPPA.

  • Better knowledge of West African Family Farms

A file on the Mbour workshop about the creation of an observatory of Family Farms in West Africa