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UNCTAD: Pan-African Cotton Road Map


This Pan-African Cotton Road Map sets out the continental strategy to strengthen regional cotton value chain. Currently, cotton research lacks organisation, which hinders the competitiveness of the African cotton sector.


Communiqué: West Africa Workshop on Aflatoxin Challenge

November 18-20, 2013

This communiqué highlights the outcomes of the regional workshop and outlines the establishment of a regional risk assessment laboratory for research on aflatoxins.


  • Scientific Research in Africa , Jacques Gaillard and Roland Waast
    • The authors of this  work , after recalling the history of African scientific devices, analyse the available resources, the production, the visibility and the utility indexes in African Science.
    • http://horizon.documentation  textes /divers10-06/010010280.pdf
    • Local technical knowledge, sources of innovations/Production of actionable knowledge in an approach of active research within a partnership.

A study that helps realise how technical knowledge can be valued and favour innovation in the area of agricultural research

A narrative of field  research experiments conducted in Africa by an agronomist  HDR   5.PDF

  • Typologies of farms in Central African savannas: a glance on techniques used  and their usefulness in research and development

How to support the diverse typologies and contexts in agricultural research

  • Invest in agricultural innovation: a prospect in market economy
  • In a prospective market economy ,what must be the role of the State in agricultural research -perspective-d-economie-de-marche-partie-1

  • To optimize public and private investments in agricultural innovation: the implications in terms of policies.

In this article the author studies the political consequences of the aforementioned options to optimize the public and private investments in agricultural innovation

  • A Joint Research Unit(JRU),Innovation and Development in Agriculture and food processing sector: list of publications on agricultural research
  • List of publications on agricultural research