Investment in Agriculture

It is essential to invest in agriculture, if we want to reduce hunger and promote sustainable agriculture. Regions where the agricultural capital per worker and public investment in agriculture has stagnated are today the epicentres of poverty and hunger in the world. Ten years after the Maputo Declaration which appealed for financing the agricultural sector with 10% of States budgets, it is time to take stock.

A massive investment in agriculture is essential to contribute to the recovery of a failing global food system. What are the obstacles to the development of the supply and demand of agricultural financing? What are the possible innovations to conduct in order to enable farmers’ access to agricultural finance? What should be the role of governments and development partners? To which extent, in which form and what are the constraints, can Farmers’ Organizations contribute to this financing?
Through a series of documents, here you will find positions, proposals and responses that PAFO and its members bring to these questions. This production and co-production on the thematic of family farming will be progressively completed:

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Other authors have also addressed the topic of investment in agriculture with some interesting challenges to African farmers’ organizations. We offer you this production that we invite you to enrich by your suggestions:

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To go further on the theme of agricultural research, we suggest other more general documents, with didactic, educational, analytical and general scope on the subject of investment in agriculture:

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