Presentation: CTA outlines cases of successful FOs

Isolina Boto, Manager, CTA Brussels’ office introduced the 3rd PAFO Continental briefing on the theme of ‘Advancing African agriculture through agribusiness development’. The Briefing had the three objectives to: (i) highlight the key opportunities in agribusiness development favourable to the farmers’ organisations; (ii) promote sustainable and inclusive PPPS in support of agribusiness development; (iii) identify new opportunities in data and ICTs in support of agribusiness and agricultural development in the continent.

The presentation outlined the programme for the 3rd PAFO continental briefing, including the themes and the list of speakers. It also gave a brief overview was given on the documented cases of successes from farmer-led businesses.

In East Africa, the key cases highlighted include: (i) Oromia Coffee farmers’ Cooperative Union, Ethiopia; (ii) Nucafe Coffee and Igara Tea, Uganda; (iii) Tandahimba Newala Cooperative Union (TANECU) , Tanzania for cashewnut, kernel, cassava and cassava starch, sesame, groundnuts; (iv) Nyakyera-Rukoni Area Cooperative Enterprise (NRACE) for maize processing, milk and coffee.

In West Africa, the key cases highlighted include: (i) Fédération des Professionnels Agricoles (FEPA-B) for maize, Burkina and (ii) Fédération des unions des cooperatives des producteurs du Niger (FUCOPRI), rice.

In Central Africa, the key cases highlighted include: (i) FNEC, which deals with livestock in Central Africa; (ii) ABBON for soya in Congo and (iii) Sooopmata for cassava in Cameroon.

The presentation also outlined that the discussions on agribusiness development would look at the main issues in agribusiness, supported by some examples and concludes by underlining the actions needed to seize the opportunities.