Climate Change

Family farmings in the South, which represent nearly 80 % of farming in developing countries and more than a billion of assets, are at the centre of important issues related to climate change. Indeed, the strong dependence of most African population and agricultural and pastoral activities depending on rainfall justifies the urgency to implement programmes in order to reduce the vulnerability of poor populations, especially those living in rural areas.

Thanks to increasing appropriations for this new sector, many organizations and initiatives are emerging year after year, internationally and at regional and national levels in West and Central Africa but which will gain if better coordinated.

In this context, African farmers’ Organizations have an important role to play in the implementation of sustainable and efficient agriculture, capable to meet the challenge of food sovereignty and concerned about protecting the environment. This necessarily requires putting in place training and coaching systems, and consulting support to farmers as shown in the documents included in this theme.

Here you’ll find views, proposals and responses PAFO and its members bring to these questions. This production and co-production on the theme of climate change will be progressively completed :

PAFO products and its members

Press release: Farmers’ positions on climate at COP20

December 12, 2014

The speech of the President of the Pan-African Farmers’ Organisation (PAFO), Theo de Jager, at the United Nations Climate change Conference in Lima, Peru (COP21) highlighted the transformative power of agriculture and the necessary change of mind-set needed.


1 Roppa in action on climate change subject

2 Regional Forum of Farmers Organizations of West Africa of the CAADP

3 Climate change: the President of the Pan-African platform of Farmers organizations , Elisabeth Atangana recalls the need to train farmers

4 Global Alliance against Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) : Building an alliance to assist CILSS/ECOWAS countries to implement priority adaptation and mitigation to climate change

5 AOPP Liaison Bulletin

Other authors have also addressed the topic of climate change by addressing interesting stakes to African Farmers’ organizations. We offer you this production that we invite you to enrich by your suggestions:

Products from other authors

ECDPM: Making African agriculture climate smart

November 2015

Despite the various approaches to climate-smart agriculture, there is a continued need to ensure they are complementary and mainstreamed in agricultural policies and interventions at the national, regional and international level.


Climate-smart agriculture in Africa


This joint CGIAR and CTA publication shows some examples of climate-smart agricultural practices currently being used across the African continent.


AGRA: Climate Change and Smallholder Farmers


This 2014 AGRA African Agriculture Status Report focuses on climate change and smallholder agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa.

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